I think this Bugeye wants out of the yard and wants to play!  Its been locked up for 30 or so years.  The house burned down last year but the bugeye survived.  The license plate ironically is 547 BBQ.  So now having survived the fire this very original, solid bugeye is named BBQ.  My first steps are replace gas tank, hydraulics, oil and clean out fuel pump.  Then see if it fires up after oiling the cylinders.


I am now assembling Loomis which was a project that was stalled over the last few years.  This unique Bugeye has many vintage race parts that have been rebuilt and will represent a street legal, fast, reliable and retro looking race bugeye right out of the 1960's.  The heart of the car will be a rebuilt 1275 motor with side draft weber coupled to a rebuilt 5 speed, front disc brakes and many race components.  I will be updating the photos weekly.  Here is the link to photos. http://bugeyeparts.com/photo/albums/loomis

Email me if interested in buying this fantastic Bugeye.  johnrfelt@hotmail.com



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