New Years means clean out the barn!

Bugeye Parts-

Bugeye Tub $100 SOLD!

Radiators $45  untested but look good

Wire wheels comes with axels, A frame, king pins, front disc brake set up all things needed to convert your bugeye to disc brakes  $299

American mag aluminum wheels with good tires (4x)  $200 

SU Carbs 1 1/4 with intake and air cleaners  $145

Weber 40 and 45 DOCE

Original  seat backs  $75 each  SOLD 1!  2 remain

Rollbars $75 each Sold 1!  1 remains

Doors  $49 each   3 remain

Original wheels  $20 each

Original 948 and 1275 exhaust manifolds  $20

948 motor  $150

1098 motor  $300

Rib case transmissions $190

Smooth case transmissions  $150

1959-1961 Windshield frames  $45

1961 and on convertible top bows  $95

More coming soon!

call or email John

760 683 4551



A great place to buy or sell original Austin Healey parts with no fees.



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