YEAH BABY !!!!!!!! You have no idea how happy that makes me, definitely the right call. You can fake patina but you're only groovy once. 

Ok, its got a name now...Groovy!

Plum caaaraazy paint and floral interior was definitely influenced by something.  I have always loved Austin Powers nd now is my chance to have a hippie car all over again.  I did have a few VW bugs in the day and now I am just reliving my child hood.

I changed the oil and filter,  cleaned and put new distributor cap with purple wires no less and rigged a temp gas line and with no choke on the 3 rd crank that lil engine started right up.  70 lbs or so of oil pressure too!  It has been sitting in a ware house since 1977.  

This one is not for sale, but I thought I would share the excitement of the find.  Its a two owner car, 35,000 miles on it and from what I am told once it was delivered to the dealer  in Montana and it has never been out of the state of Montana where it was first sold.  Its been in a warehouse since the 1970's, no mice and no weather issues.  I am really impressed on how original the engine is and how the wiring is still intact.  Its the only Sprite I have ever seen with the original cloth wrapped radiator hose.  The fuel line has a unique coil from frame, around steering column to the mechanical fuel pump ( I took a photo of it).  I have never seen that either.  Its an odd looking bugeye, since its been painted purple and has a fiber glass bonnet.  But I still really like it.  Totally stock engine, exhaust has the correct hangers and even the stock muffler which has a bandage over a hole in it.  And no rust at all!  It needs a bit of TLC for sure though.
I will be taking more photos and posting.

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