I sold my Bugeye on Craigslist but when the buyer (he's 7 feet tall) came to pick it up he could not fit in it!!  The young man in purple shirt, standing on the curb, is my son.  He's 6 feet tall.


Hi John.

It was nice to hear from you.

The red Bugeye has been loved by the who has been one of our active members of our club. I attached 2 pictures which were taken at a car show in Yokohama.

He was very satisfied in its condition and has been working for it to be better condition.

I am interested in the Bugeys which you are selling. Is it possible to send some pictures showing the detail of the cars.

Thank you.

 Hiroshi Takemori

President of Healey Club in Japan

Dear John,

Ole Grey has safely arrived in our museum a couple of weeks ago. She is really beautiful and is on a nice location. 
Thank you for your help. See pictures attached.

Best regards,

Karel van Gelder

Secretary of the Healey Museum


I appreciate what you are doing. You obviously have a lot of pride and integrity. I would be scratching a hole in my head trying to diagnose and fix the "little" problems. I have been informed by Intercity Lines that they will be in your area next week, so I need to get you paid in the next few days. I am looking forward to driving your car with as much anticipation as any car I have ever bought! It is the quintessential beach car, regardless of which coast it is cruising. 

Take care, 

Jim Peruto


Ladybug is here and she is beautiful!
I also received the title etc.
Thanks for making this a memorable purchase.  I look forward to my first drive when the weather breaks.
Best regards
Jim Peruto
Again, great site.  Have hooked up with Lew and purchased a tacho and speedometer...love using the site already. Thanks for all your efforts.  John

Jim Seippel said… Good job on the site. It looks useful to me. - Jim 

John,   Good new site, I will use it.  I liked the video clip of the drag between an electric and a gas powered Sprite.   Good luck with it!   Bob in San Diego


David from S CA This website is a great addition to our "toys."

Hi John This website is a great addition to our "toys." I'm glad that someone else is monitoring Craig's List around the country. I've sold a pumpkin and found a hardtop with very little effort


Speedwell Engineering | 818.898.9151 shop | 508 B Glenoaks Blvd., San Fernando, CA 91340

I own and operate Speedwell Engineering where we race tune, restore and supply parts for Austin-Healey Sprites and MG Midgets.  I came across bugeyeparts.com this year and have found the web site to be a valuable resource in locating hard to find used Austin-Healey parts.  Its great to be able to check in regularly to see what has been newly added or to search for a specific part through the hundreds of ads quickly using the search button. 
Tom Colby, owner of Speedwell Engineering

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