I sold my Bugeye on Craigslist but when the buyer (he's 7 feet tall) came to pick it up he could not fit in it!!  The young man in purple shirt, standing on the curb, is my son.  He's 6 feet tall.

2012 Bugeye BBQ / Swap Meet!

November 9th 2013

4th Annual Bugeye BBQ

Video -

Thank you Sam for putting it together.


October 27th 2012 Bugeye BBQ and SWAP MEET

This years Bugeye BBQ can be broken down into the pre party Bugeye drive, the BBQ and the Swap Meet.  


Prep Party Drive.

We met as planned in Carlsbad,  Red was the color of choice.  There were at least half red Bugeyes for the drive along the coast.  I was the leader, since the route was know only by me, no maps were handed out.  We drove south along the old Coast Hwy., Route 1.  Perfect day, beautiful views of Pacific Ocean, waves crashing, surfers and volleyball enjoying the 80 degree weather.  Our first turn in-land along a lagoon turned out to have road work and ended with us looping back, but the best part was we all got to see the string of 10 or so Bugeyes parading along as we circled back.  We headed to Vista along an old country road with lots of twisties.  The buzz of A series engines echoed through the canyon!  All participants arrived at the BBQ fashionably late, but with no breakdowns.


The BBQ was great.  No dyno testing to distract me.  Lots of great information exchanged and between Curt's and Sandy's very original Bugeyes we had a lot of lookers seeing where this or that actually go.  My count was over 15 Bugeyes scattered around, one Morris Minor, a Jag and of course Randy's beautiful Morgan.


The Swap Meet was a success too.  Mickey had his 1275 engine running on display, ported heads and intake manifolds , SU carbs, and rockers.  I had exhaust systems and pipes, original ignition switches,  bumpers and Bugeyeparts T-shirts.


Here is a short video Sam put together of the BBQ-




November 13th 2011 Bugeye BBQ  

This Bugeye BBQ had a bit of a twist in it.  Yes, there were beautifully restored original Bugeyes there as well as stunning modified ones with aluminum cross flow heads and twin side draft webers but there was also a gorgeous Morgan (with 340hp at the wheels) and beautiful MG with an aluminum V8 stuffed under the hood, a 100-4 and a couple of 3000 Healyes and even a Ford with an original 428 Cobra jet under the hood.

Most of us had a chance to swap stories and admire each others cars.  I on the other hand was obsessed in getting my lil white Bugeye, Bugsey, tuned properly and then put on the rolling chassis dyno, brought in by Dave Evans of Evanspeed.  

I have to admit there was a lot of parts being replaced and tossed aside before the carbs were close to being correct and the distributor was delivering spark properly.   All in all a great experience, even though a bit nerve racking watching and hearing my lil car rev upto 6000 rpm. It sure sounded like 8,000 rpm!  

I liked having the dyno test but of course was hoping to have better results.  My close to stock 1275 engine, ok it does have a ported head with larger valves from APT and a header and a mild cam.... but truly it is a daily driver.  The numbers from the dyno are 62.1 HP at 5400 rpm and 65.1 Tq at 4600 rpm.  Not bad, but it does leave some room for improvement.  The timing is not spot on due to using a modified distributor that advanced to 32 degrees not 28 as called for.  The mild street cam maybe could have been a bit more aggressive too.  I would like to shoot for 75hp at the wheels.  I have a year to work on it.  


The next Bugeye BBQ may have the dyno along with Dave Evans and maybe a short tech session to share ideas and answer questions about tuning the A series engines.  Feedback is welcomed.

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