This little yellow 1959 Bugeye has a very cool vintage completely restored Judson Supercharger hidden under the bonnet.  George Flochi renowned expert rebuilt this Judson and made sure it would operate correctly with the original Marvel Mystery Oiler.  This stock looking Bugeye will be leading the charge in vintage rallies and is certain to gather a crowd at car shows when the bonnet is up. The 1098 motor (10CC serial number) has many new parts matched with it to give the best performance- new high performance Flame Thrower Coil and Distributer, new Long Center Branch (LCB) Header from Moss Motors, new exhaust system,  new brakes and hoses, new spin on oil filter assembly, new oil cooler, new complete cloth wire harness, electric fan assembly with thermostat.  Also has white tonneau cover and white hard top (the hard top needs reconditioning but has glass ). 

For more information call or email  760 683 4551

Hollywood is the appropriate name for this wonderfully glamorous red Bugeye!  It came to San Francisco in 1959 and spent over 20 years in Pebble Beach on the Monterey Peninsula.  After sitting dormant for a number of years it was put up for sale and an adventurous  man who recently moved from Chicago to Hollywood bought it.  He asked the original  owner if he thought it would make the trip back to Los Angeles area, the owner said "don't know why not, it runs great".  So south he went along the scenic coastal Hwy 101 and eventually ended in Hollywood.  

Hollywood, the Bugeye, has recently been sitting and needing a bit of TLC.  I know, I need another Bugeye like a hole in the head,  I emailed the owner and ended up spending 30 minutes or more exchanging car stories.  Long story short in a few days Hollywood found its way to my house alongside my other Bugeyes!  What I find remarkable is how solid and unmolested the floors are and fenders.  Its so nice to be able to use factory holes and nuts that are attached to the underside of the car when attaching the seats for example. The photos of the underside will be coming soon.  Underneath the grime the red factory paint is still there!

 It comes with the following:

Original 948 motor, runs fine but leaks oil

Original 1 1/8 inch SU carbs with original air cleaners

Original smooth case transmission

Convertible top and bows

Tonneau cover

1275 motor (installed) with 1 1/4 inch SU carbs and velocity stacks

Ribcase transmission (installed)

New interior panels, carpet and seats

It has been painted years ago and has some flaws

Originally Cherry red

If interested call or email me at 

760 683 4551

photos can be seen at

OK, another odd one, looking for something different for my Bugeye. Anybody have a Peasmarsh bonnet for sale ?



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Lew, There is a discussion re. this exact bonnet on www.ahexp. Try the link below. Now that link does not show it with a BE Grille in place and instead it looks more like a mini XKE. Not sure if same bonnet or not.,3019

Hi Jim,

Similar but different. That E-Type style has later model indicators, which I don't want. The Peasmarsh seems to be rare, but I like the fact that it has the bugeye style indicators and I think it has a better grill treatment than the Ashley Mk1 bonnet which is available in the UK or the  Kellison, which looks like a close copy of the Ashley, both of which have the sharp ridge line between indicator and grill and up the center of teh bonnet. 



I have a 

Kellison / Sebring Bonnet that is new  I have the mold and made 10 o fthem and only 1 left. Joe

Kellison / Sebring Bonnet,.I have the mold for it .  I have a new one that we had made for me. I have the mold for it and had 9 made and sold all of them only 1 left . they r real nice . Joe

Hello Joe, is the kellison bonnet still available?  

  I too would like a Peasmarsh bonnet... anybody selling one?? 


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