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Original, still in box, Judson SuperCharger!

This is NOS and has never been used.  The bearings probably should be re-packed with new grease.  I have used this set up on a 1098cc motor and it added plenty of torque it can also be put on 948 motors and with some extra work you could put it on a 1275 motor but you would need to over drive the super charger by changing out the pulley and I would advise against doing that. So its best for 1098 and 948 motors.  With the Marvel Mystery Oiler the exhaust smells heavenly! Its complete except the air filter for the Holley one barrel and those are still available.  I am posting this ad for Joe Curto ( the guru of SU Carbs in NY)  He is asking $2500 plus shipping.  This is the most original Judson SuperCharger I have ever seen.  If interested call or email Joe. 

Joe Curto

New Years means clean out the barn!

Bugeye Parts-

2 project bugeyes $5000 for the both of them

Radiators $45  untested but look good

Wire wheels comes with axels, A frame, king pins, front disc brake set up all things needed to convert your bugeye to disc brakes  $299

American mag aluminum wheels with good tires (4x)  $200 

SU Carbs 1 1/4 with intake and air cleaners  $145

Weber 40 and 45 DOCE

Rollbar $75

Doors  $49 each   3 remain

Original wheels  $20 each

Original 948 and 1275 exhaust manifolds  $20

948 motor  $150

1098 motor  $300

Rib case transmissions $190

Smooth case transmissions  $150

1959-1961 Windshield frames  $45

1961 and on convertible top bows  $95

Heads 948  1098   1265

Blocks 948 $25

Lightened 1275 flywheel  $150  11lbs

Hard tops Bugeye  $125  needs restoration

Starter motors $25 untested

rear half axels $39 each

1970 Midget windscreen with good glass  (2)  $100 each

1970 bumpers and doors ask for prices

More coming soon!

call or email John

760 683 4551

OK, another odd one, looking for something different for my Bugeye. Anybody have a Peasmarsh bonnet for sale ?



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Lew, There is a discussion re. this exact bonnet on www.ahexp. Try the link below. Now that link does not show it with a BE Grille in place and instead it looks more like a mini XKE. Not sure if same bonnet or not.,3019

Hi Jim,

Similar but different. That E-Type style has later model indicators, which I don't want. The Peasmarsh seems to be rare, but I like the fact that it has the bugeye style indicators and I think it has a better grill treatment than the Ashley Mk1 bonnet which is available in the UK or the  Kellison, which looks like a close copy of the Ashley, both of which have the sharp ridge line between indicator and grill and up the center of teh bonnet. 



I have a 

Kellison / Sebring Bonnet that is new  I have the mold and made 10 o fthem and only 1 left. Joe

Kellison / Sebring Bonnet,.I have the mold for it .  I have a new one that we had made for me. I have the mold for it and had 9 made and sold all of them only 1 left . they r real nice . Joe

Hello Joe, is the kellison bonnet still available?  

  I too would like a Peasmarsh bonnet... anybody selling one?? 


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