I sold my Bugeye on Craigslist but when the buyer (he's 7 feet tall) came to pick it up he could not fit in it!!  The young man in purple shirt, standing on the curb, is my son.  He's 6 feet tall.

I have new hardtop shells for the bug eye, in polar white only. Also available are 1/4" thick plexiglass replacement rear windscreens, formed as the original glass. Make in California.

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Do you mind providing a quote on the plexiglass replacement panels?
Or email me directly

What kind of a price? With the glass that is. Thanks!

Hardtop shell is $850.00. Rear Windscreen is $160. Rear Widow weatherseal is $74.00. New front clips are $122.00.  

I don't have the B pillar clips yet. The dies for them are being made. The weather strip I have at this time is $70 and is the bulb type, not the wavey type as original.

Assembly and crating is $250.00

Shipping to any where in the US is around $225.00.

Where are you located?

Tollhouse, CA 93667. 25 miles NE of Fresno, CA.

Bill I see one of these in your future for those cold San Diego Days. Hey with a little creative engineering you can suspend this hardtop from the ceiling and make it a one man job to install. Without help it takes 2 people to install unless you have some sort of lift for the hardtop. That's what the Miata guys do. I think yours needs to be RED.

Jim, I own both a Miata and a Bug Eye and one person can install the tops by themselves without need for a hoist. The Miata HT is heavier than the Sprite one. The process I use is to place a blanket over the car first, then place the top on the car from the side. With the blanket in place you can move it around into position without damaging the car. On the Sprite top you have to be careful of the B pillar clips. Once in position simply pull the blanket towards the inside of the car and lock the latches. The tops are bulky but not very heavy.

As for a hoist in the garage, I use a boat trailer winch with a series of sheaves or pulleys to route the cable from the side wall of the garage to the center of the top on the car when driven in the garage. Make a harness of strapping you can buy at the local hardware store and your done.


Do you still have these available?



Mike, thanks for the inquiry. Yes I have 2 tops in stock at this time. One is complete except for the B pillar clips, the other is just a bare shell. Prices is the same as above. Where are you located?

Until this coming summer: Iraq.

Can I get a photo of the completed roof? 



Hi Rodger are you selling the mounting hardware separately? I have an original hardtop that I need new mounting hardware for.




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