I sold my Bugeye on Craigslist but when the buyer (he's 7 feet tall) came to pick it up he could not fit in it!!  The young man in purple shirt, standing on the curb, is my son.  He's 6 feet tall.

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Bugyeye Parts New

Find new Bugeye parts here. If you have NOS Bugeye parts run an ad now, it's FREE!

69 Nov 24, 2017
I am new and looking for a front bonnet for my 61 sprinte how do I post that?
by Mark Jenks

Bugeye Cars For Sale

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194 Aug 31, 2017
Reply by Bill Mayer

Bugeye Parts Used

Find used Bugeye parts here. If you have something you want to sell, put your ad up now, it's FREE!

378 Jan 29
Austin Healey Bugeye Hood for sale
by carol coulter

British Cars and Parts

Find parts for your vintage British Cars here. Its FREE to place an ad!

204 Sep 11, 2016
For Sale Lotus Elan Project
by john felt

Bugeye Parts Wanted

Place your ad to find new or used Austin Healey parts. Its FREE!

121 Sep 25, 2017
Looking for a good rear Bugeye clip
by Lew McAllan

Tech Tips

Tech Tips for your Bugeye! If you have some good advice go ahead and let us know. If you need advice, ask away!

76 Jan 8
TW for Bug eye
by William French

Bugeye Experts

Listed here are shops you can trust that they know Bugeyes, do good work and are honest! If you know of one in your area add them to the list.

24 May 11, 2016
Heater parts made by Ashley Hinton
by john felt

Scams and Rip offs

Avoid getting ripped off.

1 Feb 8
Reply by Chris Conway


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